Wheel Bearing


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so I think I have a wheel bearing going out, I can hear a humming noise. I kinda mechanical so I think I could do it myself but I just need a little more info.
I have a 2000 frontier v6 2wd I think it is the front left side. I took the tire and dust cap off and found out that I don't have the typical codder pin, I have a circle with 2 notches in it the hold the nut. im kinda lost there, after that I think I know what to do. get the races out and everything I think I can do.
does anyone have ANY info on replacing a bearing?
Also, what do I need? I know I need an inner and outer bearing, grease and possibly a seal? but I don't know where or what size bearings, what kind of grease. would it be easyier to just get the hole hub assembly?
any feedback helps, thank you


Sorry cannot help. I use to do my own work, but I paid to have mine done. I bought the whole front hub assembly and took them to a mechanic. I do not know if you can buy the individual bearings. My recommendations is Timken bearings.
Changing the hub assembly would probably be a lot easier.