What (who) did I see


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I was viewing the WW II War Birds today and this jet landed. It is much larger than most of the corporate jets that land here and it looks like a Washington Redskins emblem on the tail section.

As soon as the plane stop moving a Lincoln Navigator pulled up and a man, 2 women and a boy got off. They never cut the engines and just as soon as the Lincoln moved out of the way the jet departed. About 6 minutes in total time.

I could not get any closer, but does anyone recognize the people or the plane? It could just be a Redskins fan or maybe a team plane.



I don't recognize them either, but I agree, must be nice to have transportation like that at your disposal.


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You can Google the tail number. Even get flight plans at flightaware.com ;) If its leased Google won't help but flight aware gives you a manifest of passengers usually too