What have you done for your truck today?

Zero Six LE

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OkieScot said:
It has been some time since I was on here, but thought I would update.  I still have my 2005 Frontier and recently added a back-up camera and Xpel clear coating to the front bumper, hood and rear fenders.  I have just a little over 30,000 miles on it now.  My wife told me I better take care of it since it would have to last until I die.  I am now nearing 79 and it looks like it might outlast me.
I have Xpel on my Avalon. Good stuff. I have almost 132,000 miles on my 06. Your truck seems almost new with mileage that low. Good to see you around Sir.


Great to see you back around here OkieScot.
WOW, only 30,000 miles. I have around 120,000 on my Frontier. My son is driving it at the moment.
I have started accumulating parts to get one of my Patrols back running. Wheel cylinders, brake shoes, carb, fuel tank repair/lining kit, and wheels.