What have you done for your truck today?


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I see this thread on many forums. They are usually stickied. I couldn't find one here, so I am starting a fresh one.

This is the place to post the small improvements that would otherwise go unnoticed. I will start.

Saturday, I cleaned and waxed the truck. I started with the chassis and suspension, then went on to the prettier parts.
Everything is waxed, including the rims and rear glass. The windshield and side windows are treated with Rain-X.

This was done to help keep the crud off during the Arizona trip that begins this Friday.



Polished the wheels on my Jeep. I won't be buying polished aluminum wheels again. They are too hard to keep looking good, especially when you get them muddy and they stay that way for a while.
I took my baby out and let her run wild for awhile today... She was smiling and giggling all the way home! Tomorrow she will get detailed.


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Well I relocated my horns after my Volant install and drilled a small water drain hole in the airbox. Other than that, I gave her the day off. She had to work pretty hard yesterday, pulling Jeeps out of the bushes and all :smt023


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I'm without my truck. It's terrible!
My Fordis in the other side of the country cause there is a guy who will make to me a 100% differential locker!!!!!! :smt026 :smt041 :smt038 :smt023

It's big thing!!! Why?
My rear axle is a Dana license. It has LSD. It's original part. 100% locker isn't to the thai ranger. Nothing. Sorry the ARB has one, but it's $1100 plus the air technic, soooo it isn'§t my busines. I write to the Eaton Co about lockers. But they couldn't help too.

This will be a discrete piece. have to write the CNC program and to fabricate the components. That's why it's 2 weeks.
the guy (fanatic offroad builder) will make the all system with compressor, with the air tubes. Will be $400 with 1,5years warranty.


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I installed my "levelling kit". Hundreds of pounds of camping gear has the ability to lower the back of the Marshmallow enough to give it a level stance. ;)

In case you did not know, my two boys and I are headed out to AZ RUN IX. It is a 6-day desert expedition put on by nissan4wheelers.com.
Everything is loaded except for perishable food. We leave on Friday and should arrive in Mesa, AZ on Saturday afternoon.