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General Motors has stepped up to the plate to offer a diesel options of its mid-sized pickups.

Automotive News reports that the redesigned Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon are slated to get a version of GM’s 2.5-liter or 2.8-liter, four-cylinder Duramax turbodiesels, which currently power the Colorado in overseas markets.

The site says that the diesel option will be added to the U.S. lineup abut a year after the fall 2014 launch of the redesigned trucks.

“You’ve got to keep a closer eye than ever before on what the competition is doing and what they’re offering,” Jeff Luke, executive chief engineer for GM’s full-sized and mid-sized trucks, told Auto News. “At the same time, you’ve got to make sure that you’re not confusing the customer with too many choices.


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I'm a big fan of diesels, that's all I've owned for years until a life style change and I couldn't justify 5 bucks a gallon, but what I pay to drive the fronty kinda still wish I had my 3/4 ton diesel that was dyno at 685 hp....but after what I need now days I'd buy a "small" pick up with a diesel if it offered the millage and had the after market mods:blush:


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The last GM dealer I was ever in was when I tried to get my truck fixed under warrantee. When I wrote CS at GM they replied, "sorry to have inconvenience you" No, it wasn't just an inconvenience, they ripped me off. If they had a gold plated truck for half the price of a Fronty, my reply is the same . . . NEVER AGAIN.

None the less, I would hope Nissan would offer a diesel in the Titan (5.0 V-8) and a 4 cyl for the Fronty.


Well, the Titan is on its way for 2015 model year. Should be available late 2014. I've been hearing diesel Titan rumors since I went to work for Nissan back in 01, but the interest and sales quantities just wouldn't justify it.


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They will sale them all in Utah, I swear titans are like herpes around here...one in four...get your self checked people!