Walker Muffler


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I have 2013 SV 4WD Extended Cab (King) with 4.0L 6-CYL Engine with a 6 foot bed and 125.9 inch wheel base. I am trying to figure out what Walker muffler I need for my truck. I went to their website, entered all the required vehicle information in their system, and it looks like I need the Walker 56205. I called Walker to make sure and the gentleman that answered said they do not make a muffler for the extended cab version. According to the below Walker diagram it looks like the 56205 will work for my truck. Am I not seeing something? Thanks all.



You are looking for direct bolt in replacement I assume. I'v always just gone down to the local muffler shop and had them replace my mufflers. But, then again, I didn't replace them with stock ones. I had a Flowmaster 40 put on my 4.0L Jeep and it sounded great, but when I put the same kind of muffler put on my 4.0L Frontier, it had a little to much drone around 2200 RPM. Always thought about replacing it with a Flowmaster 50.