vq40de first gen fronti swap


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well im goin to start off by saying this isnt goin to be a quick build... my fronty is my only vehicle and i still have to tear down the vq40 and do a minor rebuild before i pull the ka24de out to start the swap... i will document the vq40 build here... once the build is complete and i find a cheap beater i will begin the swap... let me just say that the vq40 is a very difficult to find performance parts for... ive been researching and researching interchangeability of parts from the vq35de, vq35hr and vq40... so much misinformation on the web its ridiculous.. there is no aftermarket performance piston or rod company that make pistons or rods yet, exception of a custom set made by cp that's way outta my price range so i will be keeping the stock rods and pistons and just re ringing the 135k vq40.. i will be using vq35hr stock head studs, since they hold more pressure then arp studs for vq35de.. i will also be using vq35hr head gaskets..once the heads are off i will be able to figure out if i need to have the block coolant ports grinded down for the hr head gaskets, i will be using king rod and main bearings once they are released sometime this month..
here are a couple pics i took of the vq40 when i picked it up and the start of the tear down..

the truck

update.. i disassembled the vq40de today... its worse then i expected but not as bad as it could of been.. the engine was pulled do to a faulty water pump at 135k miles... it was making a horrible sound.. so now for some pics and a vieo of the broken water pump

bad water pump

Well I got everything back from the machine shop. king rod and main bearings are in... everything looks so much better...Now just need to find the time to reassemble it..

Crank polished

Block honed and coolant passages modified for vq35hr headgaskets

Modified coolant passage

Other side

Very clean block... numerous hours spent cleaning oil ports that were clogged from lack of oil changes [/URL

Sub oil pan 98% clean with new oil relief valve ( no pic sorry) installed since original was blown out



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Look like an awesome project. I have a coworker that just transplanted a VQ35 into a 240SX. Quite the undertaking. You will probably need a 2nd vehicle for transportation. It took my coworker several months to crack the ECU and the wire harness issues from the lack of sensors associated with the project vehicle.