VK Swap for the avenger


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After 200k faithful miles and multiple track passes it has come time to upgrade.
I started having pressure issues with the VQ40 and an exhaust leak of oil
I looked into new engines but for the price I decided to do a VK56 swap.
Nissan does not make my model truck anymore and since manual transmissions are also not avaibale in a 2WD truck I decided to keep my truck and update it and refresh.
I will try to document the process and put together a price and parts list as best as I can.
I am not a mechanic and the work will be done by an ASE certified mechanic. Sam's Auto Repair in New Port Richey, Florida
It will be a project since I will be doing the engine first, then paint and interior.
I figured that for the price of a new truck I can create the truck Nissan should have built.

I have tried to do as much research as possible but it is impossible to know everything until you start the process.
My truck is a 2006 Nissan Frontier SE 2WD with a 6 speed manual transmission
Factory equipped with a sun roof, tow package, utilitrac system, factory sprayed in bed liner, cloth seats.

Previously I had upgraded my clutch and flywheel with Jim Wolf Tech parts
PART NUMBER: LVQ40-NF000 WT VQ40 low inertia flywheel weighs in at 19.6lbs. Cutting the weight of the stock dual mass unit in half makes this engine respond...
PART NUMBER: LVQ40-NC000 DESCRIPTION: VQ40DE powered Frontier and Xterra 1200KG clamping force clutch with a large 275mm diameter organic disc


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I looked in local yunk yards and online auction sites but was unable to find a donor 04-12 Titan/Armada/QX56 with low enough miles for my needs
I was able to find an engine from a 2008 Titan with 67k miles with the help of Duncan Mills. I also got the ECU and wiring harness. Make sure to get the right Titan Parts. If you have a 2WD truck find a 2WD Titan and make sure it is from a Titan with a floor shifter.
Engines are sold as long block only, accessories like alternator, AC compressor, etc are sold separately; so keep that in mind with your budget
The power steering pump, AC compressor, etc you’ll need from a Titan. As for the alternator you’ll have to use a Nissan Xterra/Frontier alternator. You can reuse your old one.

The motor mounts from PRG. Make sure to get the Titan motor mounts

Headers from Amazon as there were less expensive there than directly from JBA
JBA Performance Exhaust 6400SJT 1 5/8" Header Long Tube Titanium Ceramic coated Headers 04-15 Nissan Titan / Armada / 04-10 QX56 - 5.6L

The next step are the parts for the transmission and wireharness. Brennan Becker of Driven Desire is the person to reach out if you have any questions about the swap.
Here is a parts list he wrote up some time ago: https://www.clubfrontier.org/threads/how-to-2nd-gen-vk56-swap.143873/
The adapter for the 6 sp manual transmission 74601308_2395315494067680_1258511643491434496_n.jpg and for the engine harness you need to send in your current V6 engine and starter/alternator harness, with the V8 harness and they will send it back to you plug and play ready. This is the next step.