Vacation to CO


Took a trip to Durango CO in my wife's Xterra. I will add photos as I get them uploaded after we get back home. It's been a long trip and I am meeting up with an old college buddy on the way home, but I have to say I could not pass this close without a visit with OkieScot. Hope you don't mind if I post this. It was great to meet with you and your wife this afternoon.



Mesa Verde

Cliff Palace from the above just to the side

Cliff Palace w/tour on the right from the other side of the gorge. The pic above was taken from the top left of this pic.

Balcony House

Just down from Balcony House...I think.

A view into the Sun Temple, which was never finished.

Spruce Tree House - self guided tour. Lee, in blue, and Machell, in black, front and center, hiked down. Yeah, I stayed up top and took a picture.


Yankee Boy Basin Road out of Ouray, CO

The start up. Cousin leading the way their Jeep.

Stream in the bottom of the gorge as we started up.

The shelf road.

Rock above and drop off to the left.

A little stream crossing on a side road closed not far beyond this point.

Time for lunch with family.

Nowhere like this for lunch in MS!

Snow still hanging around late May in the upper elevations.

End of the plowed road.

What a view.

Turning around and starting back down.

Looking back up at the turn around spot.

Cousin's Jeep at the 1st turn heading back down.

One of the old mining buildings.

Remains of an old ladder on the other side of the gorge.

Possible mine under the ladder?

Wife said she was OK with me leaving as much driver's side paint as possible on the rocks and stay as far from the drop as possible...since she was now on the drop off side.

A look back at the overhanging mountain and drop off.

One of the waterfalls. Glad that big boulder stayed in place while I was passing.

Again, what a view.

Another waterfall. This one still iced up.


Shift_Avenger said:
Great pictures. I need to take trip there one of this days.
It was the best vacation I've ever taken.
I can imagine how hard it is to get away when you own your own business, especially that far away. But you could fly and rent a Jeep to enjoy the area. It was 20hrs driving time from me, but I wanted to enjoy the area in my own vehicle.