Turn signal/tail light issues


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My 05 is having a strange issue. It started out with my
right side turn signal not working. It would blink once
then stop unless I applied the brakes and/or turned the
parking lights on. Then it started working properly
again for about two months. A couple of weeks ago, it
started doing it again. Sometimes it would work with the
parking lights on, other times it wouldn't. Now it
doesn't work at all. Now, my tail lights and brake lights don't work -
either side! The only lights on the rear that work is the left turn signal. I was told in another forum it is probably
a grounding issue but that was before the tail lights
stopped working. I spliced into the taillight ground and ran a parallel ground to the battery and nothing happened. Any ideas?


Sorry, I haven't heard of anything like that happening.
Your truck hasn't ever been submerged under water has it?
Sound like serious electrical shorts in the circuit somewhere.


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Follow the wires and make sure you have not had any critters behind the lights. I had a similar issue when a mouse chewed the wires in my old car.