Towing with Dumbo Mirrors


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I've had a few short pulls since I installed the trailer towing mirrors. I really like them!!!

While pulling the travel trailer, I had pretty good visibility on both sides - which is a lot to ask for when you are using an intermediate sized truck to pull a full width travel trailer. The fact that they didn't jiggle was a huge pleasure! I enjoyed looking out through those steady side mirrors so much that I had to keep reminding myself to also look out the windshield.

I mentioned in an earlier post that those highly convex lower mirrors are helpful when backing into a parking spot. Turns out that they are very helpful when backing your trailer into its spot in the storage lot. Their greatest benefit is when you are backing a boat down a steep boat ramp. There's usually a moment when your normal mirrors would be looking back toward the horizon while your boat and the ramp are way below the horizon. With those lower convex mirrors, I still had a good view of the boat and the ramp. I like that a lot!!!

I'm still not ready to say that everyone should rush right out and get a set of these whether they tow or not. Now that I've begun to tow with them, however, I would not want to give them up.

I'm generally uncomfortable writing (or reading) rave reviews or flame posts. This particular post might be the biggest rave post you'll get from me.


Glad the mirrors are working out. This is great for those in the Frontier community that do tow with their trucks.