The Flaming Marshmallow is now sporting a solid axle.


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Over the holidays, I took a week off and did a solid axle swap on the truck.

Dana 44 high pinion with 4.56:1 gears to go along with the 4.63 Pathfinder axle in the rear of the truck.
The housing is from a '79 Bronco (full width). I narowed the long side of the housing 5" and had a custom-length inner axle made by Dutchman Motorsports in Protland. They cut and resplined my stock axle.

From the Cs outward I used parts from an '84 Wagoneer (disco) axle. That gave me GM style brakes and 6-lug rotors.

I am using coils and Ford radius arms. I plan to wrist the passenger side arm at some point in time to allow more flex.

Some pictures:


Gray Ghost 2.5 SL

Good job, clear pictures I always admire folks who can complete projects.