The build (big pics, dial-up beware)


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Here we go!!! The truck is done!!!! Woot!!!!

I'm not gonna bore you guys with a how-to article, cuz all this is pretty old school now-a-days. I am gonna post a ton of good pics so you guys can see some of the highlights from today's work!!!

Just so you guys all know, I didn't even turn a wrench today... I was on camera duty. My good friend, and personal mechanic Phil did 100% of the labour. He was not pleased about a lot of things.... I'll explain later, first on to the pics!!!

It begins....

Passenger side was first to go...

passenger side complete...

On to the driver's side. this is where the broken shock is, and the damage turned out to be worse than what I origionally thought. The pics tell the whole story....

The AC coil spring also broke!!! Wow, when I saw this, I was expecting to find more damage, but luckily, there was none.

Driver's side done!!!

On to the rear, didn't install the AALs, every thing worked out perfectly with the stock springs, so if it ain't broke don't fix it!!! Did install the PRG shackles and super sweet radflos though... Also modified (with a bfh) the brake and abs line brackets. Now there's plenty of slack even at full droop!!!

I plan on keep in the AALs for the future incase I decide to install them later.

All back together!!! Woot!!!

I still need to get an alignment, but the camber only seems to be off by a bit, so I'm really impressed with that!

My mechanic had a couple negative comments about the parts that Greg sent me though, I'll explain. First, there were no instructions, nor torque specs sent with the kit, next, many of the shock bushings didn't fit well and required shims for propper fitment, and lastly, no u-bolts were included with the AALs, another reason why they were not installed today.

I am thrilled with the parts, and Greg's help throughout the entire process. PRG is a company that I will work with again!!!

I only have limited seat time since the new parts have gone on, but OMG, the ride is so nice!!! I can't believe that the setup I was running before was keeping me satisfied, this new setup is 100 times better (still no front sway bar on the truck BTW). In a few days I take the truck wheelin', so I'll give a more detailled report of the suspension performance then.

Until then, enjoy this nice short vid taken as soon as the build was finished:


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That is one SWEET set up! Glad everything worked out for ya! You really busted up the old ones....WOW
Can't wait to hear how it feels off roading! Congrats! :smt038


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Thanks sandi...

This project was well worth the time and money. The parts are TOP QUALITY, and I'm already impressed by the performance!!!

I can't wait to go wheeling... there'll be plenty more pics and vids.


I'm sold on PRG over AC cois. Now to find the money. I am officially taking donations.

:eek:t What exhaust are you running? That video sounded pretty good.


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Wow! Very nice! How in the heck did you break that front c/o? I must have missed that post.


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Do you and your personal mechanic do road trips? Say next spring when I get my suspension goodies......
I don't know about that... but if you're ever out in Waiwright Ab, we'll take you wheelin...


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I guess I really dont want those coils now eh? haha. Looks awesome man, Im jealous. Howd the UCA install go? I installed a mini lift in my dads Titan yesterday and we were looking to see how hard it was to replace them, if he should get contact.


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Ha, one of the coilovers is still good, LOL.

The UCAs simply bolt in. It's very easy. On the driver's side, the steering shaft is very close to one of the UCA bolts, but it's too simple to work around that.

So far there is no additional noise or harshness from the heims up front, it's a really good setup!!!


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eglaisi said:
Test it out yet? :smt003
No not yet. On the fourth, I'm going wheelin with some friends. It'll be in the snow, so it should be a fun time!!!

I'll post lots of pics and vids!!!


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Looking forward to seeing how it goes. have fun, and dont break anything :smt003 (watch for those potholes)