Stuck in 4L


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I was asked the below question and I offered to let more knowledgeable people diagnose it... so her ya go guys, anyone got an idea?

Hey guys, i have a off the wall tech question: recently over the weekend there was a nice rain storm, and my brother dumped his 07 chevy 1500 crew cab in the ditch an i had to snatch him out. So i put my 94 SEV6 d21 4x4 in low range and got him out with ease. Then i did the whole back up a few feet to dis engage and the green wheel light went off, but it didnt fully disengage yet. Its like the front is still in 4L while im driving it in 2H and its nearly impossible to keep it in a straight line on a slick surface, it wants to go all wonky and tries to put me in the rails at 45mph, the tops i can go at the moment...What in the heck do i do here? Its never done this at all since at least once a week or more i cycle the transfer case


Beyond me with D21 experience.
It cannot be in 2H if the front is trying to pull.
I assume by trying to drive in 2H, he means the 4X4 lever is in the 2H position. Is it cable actuated? If so, I don't think the transfer case actually shifted into 2H. Stretched of bunched up cable perhaps.
With my Jeep and truck, I always go to neutral to shift to and from 4L.


Looks like it should have been designed to foul itself by disengaging 4L, not by keeping it in 4L.
In other words, I would think it would have to have signal to stay engaged.