Southwest CO


Made a trip to Southwest CO a couple weeks ago. Laptop went down when I returned. Haven't been able to sort through my daughter's pictures, but here are a few cellphone pics. 

Almost to the top of Yankee Boy Basin.

A few pics from Black Bear Pass with a couple of Bridal Veil Falls.



Here are a few of my daughter's pictures from Black Bear Pass.
Trailhead on Hwy 550 North of Silverton.

Lookout not too far off 550. Pulling up onto the top is blind. All you see is sky.

The views are amazing. We hit a little over 13,000ft.

Black Bear Pass itself.

Pucker power on the stair steps!

Switchback turn #1. I thought I was a lot closer to the edge than that.

2 point turn on switchback #2

We also ran Ophir Pass on the way back to Durango. It doesn't have the pucker factor Black Bear does, but does have amazing views.


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Nice scenery, but those 'roads' no thanks. Just seeing the photos is making my acrophobia start to kick in.