roof racks. they look cool...but


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I just got a 2014 frontier. Ive wanted one since the frontier came out all those years ago...but anyway...that's another story. I know I cant get a yellow one..but I miss the roof racks. Id like to get one, but I want to know...are there any uses for them? If I could find 5 good reasons to buy one...I probably would. so.. let me have it!!!!!!



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Umm, I got the pro-4x and specifically did not want the pro-4x lux package because I didn't want the roof rack or "moon roof". The rest of the package I was willing to do without just to avoid those two things.
If I were to get a rack, I would do one simular to this Hunter Offroad one on this Toyota but with a safari style rack instead.


In 2006, when I bought my NISMO (previous version of the PRO4X), I wanted the moon roof, but couldn't get it without the roof rack, so no moon roof for me.
Not sure how hard it would be to adapt a factory roof rack to a non-roof rack truck? I know there are rivnuts in the roof of the roof rack trucks, but don't remember if any of the bolts go into roof rail structure under the actual steel roof. It has been done. You might want to Google "adding factory roof rack to Nissan Frontier."


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I really love mine I have a 2006 LE Crew Cab I've yet to used them but want to buy a camper dome and some bike racks to ride while on camping trips. But all in all the racks make my truck look ready to go a bit taller then other mid size pick up trucks. But that is just me.

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