roof rack


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hey guys , ive been looing for a cool roof rack for my 06 quadcab short box...i just so happened to pick up a oem roof rack for 50$ this is what ive done. now before i acually drill holes in my canopy ..i wanted an opinion...i cant decide if it has enough cool factor or not..but for 50$ this is the finished pic ,,i took pics as i went ..was a few obstacles but i decided to do ,,how do i post a pic im guessing because im new i dont get to post pics?? your loss i guess..cheers guys


I wanted a sunroof, but had to get a roof rack also for my Frontier. Didn't care for the roof rack, so didn't get a sunroof.
The load bearing capacity is not that great.
I would rather have a nice bed rack.

You should be able to post pics. Host the pictures on a web site such as Photobucket, copy the URL, and paste it in the "Insert Image" text box.


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I decided for the sunroof rather than the roof rack. A lot of the racks get sun damaged easily.

You can always just upload an attachment