Ride seems harsh


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Hey everyone. I am a new member here. I have a 2006 frontier 2wd 6cyl. It has 140k miles on it, and I bought it brand new. I previously had the rancho quicklift struts on the front (not the loaded ones, the ones that re-used the oem springs). I had them installed for about 15k miles, and the ride started getting pretty rough. Both of the front struts were shot, and were covered in oil. I decided to replace them with a monroe oem replacement. The ride is better now than with the blown ranchos, but not as good as i expected it to be. The ride still seems to be rather harsh. The roads here are pretty horrible, and I was just wondering if you guys had any suggestions on what could be causing this. I understand the truck isn't going to ride like a Cadillac, but I know it used to feel much better than it does now. All the ball joints and control arm bushings seem to be fine, so I'm really at a loss here. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

P.S. The rear shocks are the rancho 9000's and they seem to be fine. I feel that the harshness is coming mostly from the front. And also, for what it's worth, the ride seems to be more harsh when it is really cold outside (below 40F)


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My though is that the struts are not very good quality. The difference in the ride when is cold is viscosity. Most struts have oil in them and it becomes thicker at colder temps.


I hear Bilstiens are the best ride. I too have Rancho 9000, but I am running 2.5" lift HD springs. My ride is quite harsh. If I ever change out the ranchos, I am going with PRG Radflos with 650lb springs. Thay are wuite a bit more expensive, but I hear they are the best for a lifted Frontier.


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I put these radflo coilovers on my 13. I really like them. The ride is better than the stock billies too.