Recent road trip


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Been a while guys. Beware of guys with goofy posts.

I took my daughter and her friend to my parents recently. What was a 2 day trip turned into a spontaneous 5 day trip around Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Thought I would share.

405 noth bound somewhere around Long Beach. Suckers instead of cigarettes now.

Katelyn and Katey, dinner at Islands in Thousand Oaks

Ventura City Hall. It used to be the county court house until around 1979

Grant park overlooking downtown Ventura. This park is 400' above city hall

Katey and I on the Ventura pier. Over 100 years old, rebuilt at least 3 times. If I remember correctly its the longest pier on the coast

Port Hueneme, Anacapa island in the background

Pt Mugu rock. Between Camarillo and Malibu

Former Camarillo State mental hospital. Now Cal State Channel Islands (university). You may recognize the tower from the cover of the Eagles Hotel California album. No, its not how they came up with the title.

Raining at my folks house

View from my sister's porch

State street, Santa Barbara

Mission Santa Barbara


Uncle Charlie

Parents back yard. Coastal redwoods, birch, squirells, duxks, wabbits, kamikaze humbingbirds, you name it...



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Great pictures. Katey has certainly grown up since you posted her picture helping you with the tailgate project. Your parent back yard looks great. Here in Oklahoma we do not have all of those beautiful vistas you have in California. Thanks for sharing and good for lollipops.


I miss CA. Love the ocean views.
The sucker comment is awesome! I don't smoke but know those that haven't been able to quit. Takes muuuuuuch will power!

I would say your looking good, but that would be misleading! ;)
I'm behind you all the way Kev.