Rear camera: bumper vs license frame


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I installed an "ice cube" style camera on my rear bumper when I first bought this truck. The image was great, and it worked well for hitching up with my small light weight camper trailer using the factory hitch.

Later on, I traded for a larger trailer and I quickly discovered the need for a weight distribution hitch. The hitch system greatly improved the towing experience, but here's what that did to my bumper mount camera's view:


I couldn't even see most of my trailer much less back up to its hitch!

Eventually, I installed a camera on the top of my license frame. It works much better with the weight distribution hitch. I can actually see the hitch I'm trying to back up to.

I still use the factory hitch when I tow my boat. Unfortunately, the factory hitch ball is too low to be seen with the camera on top of the license plate. I wish I had a convenient video switch. I would use the license plate camera for towing with the weight distribution system, and I would use the bumper mount camera the rest of the time.



What type of cable does it use to connect to your monitor? Surely somebody makes a switch to alow use of different cameras.


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Installation is easy. You can run the wire under the carpet and through the center console of your truck.