Random Pics II


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Brought two truck fulls of wood home today. These are from trees that were damaged in the late October snow storm.



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mdawg4x4 said:
Too much work, but will be nice this winter for sure.
It is a lot of work, and I'm paying for it today. There are at least 3 more truck loads to get. I may also be getting more from one of my wife's clients. We won't use this wood this winter, and may not even use it next winter. The wood has to season (dry out) for at least a year, and since we won't be able to split it until the spring we most likely won't use it for a couple years.


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We'll use a hydraulic log splitter. I had to split the big pieces to lift them in the truck and it really sucked because the wood is so fresh/wet. The splitting wedges would not stay in the wood.


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Some more from Bluff Dwellers

A view looking up in one of the narrow passages

Not sure really, wall and ceiling definitely just don't know where in the cavern.

Belief this is called cave coral, might be cave sponge

Belief this is called cave coral, might be cave sponge x2

One of the more narrow passages, my shoulders were nearly brushing the sides


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Nice shot of the wintery mix on the gauge. I was looking at those last weekend at the home and garden show here in OKC. Very nice, but a bit pricey. How do they work in keeping your beds from washing out?


It is amazing what some people can use to turn into a quality photo...no matter where you find it. So, was this taken with iPhone? Or just tantalizing typography at play under the pic?