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The Nitto NT555R Exreme Drag Radial tire was specially designed for competition drag racing use. This tire outperforms all drag racing radial tires, provides impressive control and handling, and still delivers up tp 15,000 miles of tread life for normal street driving use. These tires are manufactured with the original tread depth of 6/32'' and are constructed with a specially formulated soft racing compound to provide maximum traction.


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AWESOME shift! Thanks.... :smt023
Thinking about selling my BFG's for a set of street/racing tires.... :smt003
Or keep my BFG's and pick up some racing tires.... :smt003


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Force T/A Drag Radial Tire
Light Load
Tread Pattern 2

More info on BF Goodrich 74184


G-Force T/A Drag Radial Tire
Tread Pattern 2

More info on BF Goodrich 82116



Just a little side story with respect to drag radials:
A friend of mine super charged his Corvette to right at 600hp. I told him I would race him in my Jeep on any course he wanted. But he would have to race me on any course I wanted. Best combined time wins.

Keep the BFG ATs, buy b2 extra wheels, put a drag radial on them, throw them and a floor jack in the back of the truck, and swap them out when you get to the track. Running your truck in 4X4 is not recommended beyond a certain speed (not sure what that speed is at 4:21am), so you don't need a matching set up front. :smt002