prg 2" spacers +se wheels



i upgraded to radflos so i no longer need my spacers i would like $75 and would prefer local pickup of course or u pay shipping i have the spacers and all the mounting hardware all u have to do is get bumpstops from prg for your lca's
and some cotterpins :smt023 :smt003 :smt041

im also gettin new rims next weekend or around there so im selling my se rims already coated with duplicolor bedliner i would like to get $200 for the rims no tpms and no tires just the rims but they only have 7000 miles on them in good shape so nows a good time to get dibs :smt027 :smt026 :smt040

p.s. my poweraid tbs is still for sale too $50 :smt048 :smt047 :smt045

thanks all



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Good Luck! If i remember, ratsworld was trying to buy my spacers, you can send him a pm, since im keeping mine for future use. Nice going on the Nismo Rims!


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alright cool. I didn't know that this was nism05 who was selling them. I'm still trying to see if i can fit the meet into my schedule. I work weekends, so it's not lookin so good.... but we'll see.