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Thank you, I should be so smart. The first cycle is a modified 125 cc Hodaka, a 250 cc Ducati, a 1968 650 cc BSA Lightening Rocket, a 125 cc Moto Guzzi, and a 1967 Triumph TR-6R. I cannot remember the years on the other bikes, but I think the Ducati was a 1966 model.

I have owned a very long list of cars and trucks. The Photo Bucket link will probably show most of the cars, trucks, and cycles I have owned.

Thank you again for your help.



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Shift_Avenger said:
Here are the rest, if you quote the message you can put a name over the pic.

I didn't get it figured out correctly so I'll just list them in order. I cannot remember the years on all of them without digging out a lot of old albums so I'll just list the ones I know.

3.1972 Lotus Europa, the best handling car I ever owned and also the one that got the most attention.
4.1963 Triumph TR-4 before and after the wreck. I had just gotten the stripe painted on it and a week later this happened. An 18 wheeler ran into me and shoved me into a string of 7 cars in front of me. My friend was pinned in it for almost an hour. We both came out with no permanent damage.
5. 1963 Triumph TR-4 with competition suspension, Weber carburetors, over drive, traction bars, headers.
6. 1960 Triumph TR-3A.
7.1963 MGB bought new in Dallas, TX. I looked at a Daimler SP-250 Dart, but it was a little too expensive.
8. 1960 Ford Falcon, my first new car.
9. 1951 Chevrolet with '54 Pontiac grill, lowered, rolled and pleated seatcovers, very loud set of duals. My 2nd car.
10. Ford Courier pick up with one of my cycle trailers hooked up. This was not long after we moved into our home in 1974.
11. Carroll Shelby's plant at the LA Airport in either '65 or '66. If I had opnly known.
12. 1965 305cc Honda Scrambler with Snuff-or-Nots.
13. 1969 600 cc Moto Guzzi.
14. 1965 Yamaha 250cc Big Bear Scrambler, my first motorcycle and also my first cycling ticket which my buddy and I got the first day we owned the bikes. He had one just like it.
15. 1975 250 cc Maico my favorite dirt bike.
16. Mrs. Okie on my first 250 cc Bultaco Matador/me on the 1969 Guzzi.
17. The rest are repeats from the last post.

Believe it or not this is not all of the cars, nor motorcycles I have owned. Shame on me.


Mrs. Okie's VW with all of the Empi equipment. It sounded just like a MGB, a lovely sound and it handled very well.

[url=] ... _fixed.jpg[/url]

1967 Corvette, didn't keep it very long as it was an automatic, but boy did it sound nice with the side pipes.



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You had me at Lotus. :smt049
I am awed by those pics. Seriously. My automotive history pales in comparison.

1968 Fiat 850 Sedan
1972 Plymouth Duster 340
1974 Dodge Tradesman 200 (custom van)
1977 GMC P30 dually cargo van
1976 Dodge Dart
1979 Oldsmobile Delta 88
1984 Ford LTD midsize wagon
1983 GMC Van (Starcraft custom)
1986.5 Nissan Hardbody King Cab 4x4 pickup (current vehicle.)

Frontiers have not been out long enough for me ot own one. :smt002


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My list:

Opel Ascona 1,8 i. I liked it. First car. It was rebuild 2x or 3x LOL. (not original photo)

Renault 5 diesel....1,6 lit. without turbo :smt003 It was awesome powerful :smt005 , with negative mpg. (not original photo)

No name ugly company car. hated it.(not original photo)

VW Polo 1,4 ...without feelings

Mazda b2500 with turbodiesel.without power. It was good just lazy.

I liked it.



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2001 Ford F150, original owner, not a smile nor a scratch on it...sold for top dollar for a 6 year old truck. Never cost me a dime other then maintenance, couldn't pass gas station without filling up though. The present Pathfinder work truck gets at least double fuel economy. :smt002



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Dont have any pictures
2006 acura rsx type s 4 cylinder 6 spd man
1996 ford taurus base model 6 cylinder 4 spd auto
1999/2000 mercury mystique 4 cylinder 4 spd auto


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My rides

Haven't thought about this in a while! I'm 46, so let's see...
1. '68 GMC van. It was my Dad's old work truck. He gave it to me when I got my license and I promptly rolled it on a dirt road with about six friends in the back. Amazingly, no one was seriously hurt!
2. '70 Mustang. Had a 351 Cleveland in it. Still the fastest car I've ever owned. Threw a rod bearing street racing a Chevelle SS one night.
3. '73 'Plymouth 'Cuda. Bad-ass looking car, had a 340 auto with the MOPAR slap-stick. Not as fast as the 'Stang, but a blast to drive!
4. '86 Chevy Cavalier Z24. First and only new car I ever bought. 2.8 V6, 4 speed. Very quick and handled like it was on rails!
5. '89 Ford Bronco. My first truck and I loved it! Had a 351 in it. Used to go wheeling in West Virginia with my buddy all the time with it.
6. '94 Ford Taurus SHO. VERY fast car! Very pretty electric blue paint. Probably my favorite of this list, if I had to pick one (though the Fronty's rapidly moving up the list!).
7. '01 VW Passat. Traded it in when I bought the Fronty, only because it had close to 100k on it and I wanted a truck. GLX model, all the bells and whistles. V6, leather, power everything, moonroof, Monsoon stereo. Silver w/ black interior, very classy looking.
There's the list. I had pics of all of them at one time, but got rid of all of them.


Nice list. Well, #2, 3, and 8, anyway.
Buddy of mine had a Z24, so when I found one repoed, I almost bought it. But, I ran across an 89 Hardbody KC repo, and bought it instead. Wish I still had that one, in addition to what I have now, of course.


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OkieScot said:
Like Reverendbiker said, I too have had many rides over the years. I scanned the pictures into my computer a few years ago and ran them on CF, but the format it put them in won't allow me to see what I am posting until I have put it on the forums so I don't even try to mess with them any more.

Reverendbiker, you sir have fine taste. I have always wanted a blue coupe with the white stripes on it.

Get a free phtobucket account and convert the image code. It is built into their software and makes it simple as can be... fyi if your interested....

)02 Frontier Crew/99Ranger 4wd off-road package(lived up to the fixed dailey name :smt030 )/91 toyota pickup 4x4/ 88 F-150 Supercab 4x4/ 77 Int Scout II 4x4


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here they are in order from most recent to less recent:

thats all the ones that i have pics of lol. the rest are not on my computer.