PGR vs Calmini again

1rst pilgrim

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I have been talking with Greg about the heim jointed UCA and he suggested that because I live in new england and they salt the road, that a ball joint would be a better match for me. The problem is the only ball joint I have seen in a UCA is from Calmini. I don't have a problem with them, But I have spent the afternoon reading about a horror story from another frontier owner back when they first introdused them. He said the UCA was so tight (and he showed pictures) that when he drove down the road it bounced all over the place. He sent them back to Calmini with pictures he had taken of the install and comparisons of the factory UCA with the Calmini UCA and the difference was noticble. The Calmini was at least a quarted inch wider so he had to force them in and couldn't even tighten to torqe specs. He sent them back and they sent new ones and said engineering would review their design but they were almost as tight as the old ones. I hope they have it straightened out, but I can't find any talk about the new design and if they work Help.