Peak at 2015 Frontier?


Jonnyhot said:

That what I found the new frontier is going to look like
Looks like the Pathfinder with a box to me. If it is unibody, I'm not interested!!!
CVT, 2wd up front or all wheel thank you!!!

Going to be difficult to get my Calmini winch bumper to fit that. And I bet putting a lift kit on will be impossible.

They already took the PATH out of the PATHfinder and turned it into a PURSEfinder. They need to leave the trucks to the men and leave them alone. [/URL] And welcome to the Spot.


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Yeah, I'll keep my '13 and maybe switch to Titan or ? when the time comes that my little Fronty is done.
Toyota Tacoma is headed in the same direction and GM will never sell me another vehicle, ever.