Painting headlights ?


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Wondering what your guys opinion on painting the chrome part of the headlights, I know I'd gotta take the whole thing apart and re seal it all up. My truck is a 2011 so no after market ones available? What type of paint do you think will hold up not to crack or chip with road vibration. Not gonna paint the "cylinder" the light beam comes threw, just the out side edges and smoke the orange reflectors...thoughts on this?
Along this line of look, but not with the orange



That one has projectors in it. If you leave the conventional bulbs, you cannot paint the part he painted orange. In my opinion, on the Frontier, the grill needs to be painted black if you do the headlights. Krylan Fusion works well on plastic, but not sure what everybody is using.


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Yeah saw that, and where he had the orange if just leave it chrome I just want to give it a little more accent, my truck is all black even the bumpers and grill not really a ran of a " murdered out" truck, but dense the headlight are the only thing chrome might as well go for it