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Would you like options offered

  • Solo, buy em separate

    Votes: 3 75.0%
  • Only in packages

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  • Both ways

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When I go to build a truck on line, I choose an option and instead of that option, I would have to buy the "package" with a bunch of stuff I really don't care to spend a bunch of cash on. So I ask, is anyone out here like me, who wish Nissan would offer a few more solo options instead of only in a "package"?


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Yes, but economically speaking it is cheaper for them to do package for the manufacturer. But you could always get the basic package and mod to your hearts content.


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Yeah, I did. An S with AC and AT, still 4cyl., no 4wd available, that's why next time I'm going SV6 4wd.


Nissan does that to simplify manufacturing and, as Shift said, makes it more economical for options. Sometimes it is good, sometimes not.

I wanted a sunroof, but not the roof rack or RF sound system. The SE, at the time I purchased was available with sunroof and no roof rack, but the NISMO was not. To get the sunroof in a NISMO, I would have had to get a roof rack and RF sound system. Oh well, no sunroof, no big deal.