Official IRC VQ40 ***Club Rules***


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I decided to give the rules a try. BTW thanks PapaD for allowing me to use some of the VK info.

I would like to thank the forums for the nice welcome and the members that have already showed interest. I look forward to helping all the forums grow and prosper.

Please remember that the forums have been kind enough to give the race club "Pit Stalls" and let's all try to help the forums attract new members and show a positive presence in all the many areas of the forums.

So here they are...

1. The Racing club sub forum is primarily for racing related information, club business and news.

**The IRC VQ40 sub forum cannot be a catch all for anything the club members are doing or involved in so please try to remember to utilize the forums as was intended and post items non specific to the racing club in the proper sub forum**

2. Product bashing WILL NOT be tolerated from club members. There is a difference between posting honest information about products you own and giving an up front review of something or just spreading rumors and hearsay. If you have personally tried or own a particular product, by all means, let the other forum and racing club members hear about it and this will also help the manufacturers give the VQ40 racers what they need to go fast. If on the other hand you just heard something was good or bad, please point the member in the right direction to obtain first hand information. For Example, I own a Nismo CAI and I don't know anyone who has Dyno or track tested it but I read some negative things about it on the various forums that amounts to hearsay. I will say that from my personal testing of this product, it does not seem to be the best but by far is not the worst either. Let's all just try to operate with honesty and integrity because that is what makes a forum and racing club great and something everyone will want to be a part of.

3. Club member bashing and it will not be tolerated either. Making a joke about something is one thing but an outright attack on someone is another matter. Let's all try to get along and treat each other with dignity and respect.

4. The use of PM spamming to recruit racing club members will get you banned from the club without question. No one wants to receive unsolicited email or PM's to join a club they may care nothing about. If someone visits our sub forum and inquires about joining, the pit crew is to guide them through the registration process and effectively recruit them into the club but soliciting members outside the Pits is forbidden.

5. We also will not participate in forum favoritism. If someone wants to join another forum or move to one, that's up to them and they are never to be solicited to do so, this type of activity will also get you banned. I can't stress these two points enough because it will not be tolerated whatsoever.

Now let's all go have fun, I'll see you at the track.