OCTOBER 7th N.W. Houston Titan MEET Fronty's welcome


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Howdy folks.

On Sunday OCT 7th @ 12noon we are having a Meet.

Located @ Spring Creek Park (NOT the OFFROAD PARK)
249 North of 2920 on Brown Street in Tomball TX.

So far we have 14 Titans and one Fronty comming. Anybody interested? If so Post up and I'll post a map and other Info.


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Oct 7th 12 NOON! ( I will be there around 10am) NW. Houston Meet at Spring Creek Park on Brown Rd off 249 North of 2920. I will head out to the park this weekend to nail down an exact location in the park. Food list coming soon.
Please include 1st name along with screenname if joining the list.

1. ScottsBro (Steve) Propane Grill and other stuff
2. Hav (Todd) probable
3. Triky (Richard) Bush Baked Beans
4. Nascar (Jody) Hamburger Buns
5. Silver07 (Jordan) Chips
6. Iceman (Mike) Veg (Mater's, Onions, Lettuce, pickles/ relish, Jalepenos)
7. DD (Todd) Tater Salad
8. kha4079
9. kseer (Kyle)
10. TexasTitan05 (Jeremy) Hamburger Patties
11. Shinermiller (Colton) Fronty
12. AgTitan (Erik) Hot Dog Buns
13. CHOO CHOO (Bobby)
14. PATRICK ( Patrick) Condiments
15. badbadtitan
16. Brutal (Fronty..no thats not his name)
17. Silverbreez (Brandon) Fronty
18. TxFront (Rick) Fronty Hot Dogs

BYOB (Bring your own Beverage)

Food needed: Enough for 30+ mouths (may change with participation)

I'll bring my propane grill..(my red headed stepchild cooker..LOL.. I hardly use it...always use the Pit.)

So far all the Frontiers comming are from the "Other" Site.....