Nissan Dream cars


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oohh the Urge, the sport compact, the azeal, the murano GTC, the pulsar convertible(??), and the r390. yum!

but if they are dream cars, you forgot some:

Autech Zagato Stelvio
only 200 made
infiniti M30 chassis
turbo v6 =around 300 hp
18 million yen price tag (skyline gtr r32 at the time was 5 million yen)

Nissan Saurus (concept 1987)
1.0 liter turbo and supercharged engine
490kg total weight

Nissan Mid4 (concept 1985)
mid engine, AWD
vg30 24v 226hp
1250 kg weight (first NSX 1320kg)
all wheel steering

Nissan Mid4 - II (concept 1987)
mid engine, AWD
vg30 24v twin turbo 320 hp
1400kg weight
double wishbone suspension
all wheel steering



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Silvia S15

Now thats some serious wheel fitment

Im always a sucker for a nice 240.

Beautifully done '40 widebody.

And, I had to throw this one in there, my pride and joy.

one for the old fogies! just kidding, Id almost trade my truck for a 240/60/80 (almost, itd be a tough choice) :smt026


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you know its off-topic because its in off-topic section. But off-topic of off-topic is actually on-topic. But on-topic is off-topic. So to sum up... on-topic is off-topic but off-topic inst necessarily on-topic.



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the weird thing is i kinda get what youre saying! :smt023

haha anyway, if we keep doing this it might turn into some kind of big picture thread. so let's wait and see what the mods say. i would like to start/have some kind of nissan picture thread to show everyone of nissan's design prowess....


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I created the thread for Nissan/Datsun only pictures. So if you have a dream car post up!!

Thanks for contributing BTW, the pics so far are AWESOME!!! :smt023

BTW it is in the off topic section because it does not pertain to Frontiers only


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OMG...some AWESOME looking cars!
I still love my truck...I still love my truck.... :smt005
Sorry had to remind myself that I still love my truck! :smt021


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already reminding yourself? we've only just begun, sandi. this is just some VIP styled q45s we still have the m45s the g35s, the skylines, silvias, onevias, sileightys, 4 door skylines, stageas, sentras se-rs the pathfinders, terranos, pickups, frontiers and more titans oh my. not to mention the copuntless race cars fairladies, 300zx, 240zx, 240sx, 350z, cube, 280zx and other concept as well as "nostalgic cars like the 510, bluebirds, glorias and then there are the vans....hehe this might as well be one of the longest threads to be on frontyspot....