Nismo intake


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Nismo cold air intake for Nissan Frontier. Fits 2005 to 2010. (May also fit 2011). Only used for about 4,500 miles. Excellent good as new. Includes K&N filter cleaning and re-oiling kit and the K&N Drycharger water repellent filter cover. These intakes sell for over $200 new, without the extras. This is an easy bolt on installation. Nismo claims 10-15 HP boost. My gas mileage increased by 1-2 MPG, when I could resist stomping on the gas to hear the awesome intake sound. Selling it because I sold my 2005 Frontier and the buyer wanted the stock intake put back on. Call 724-941-8543. Ask for Kevin, or email through this site. I live near Pittsburgh, PA. Can ship if needed, but you pay shipping.


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La Queen said:
How much are you asking for it?
$150, plus shipping, but I can pay some of the shipping, depending on how much it is. The zip I'll send it from is 15317 and it weighs a little under 20#. The box it fits in is "oversized" according to UPS. It's 3 feet long, 14" wide and 12" high. Here are some pictures of it, on and off my truck, and a couple shots of two minor defects it has, neither of which show when it's installed. [hr]
mdawg4x4 said:
So what would you have to have for it shipped to 39046?
It would cost about 30 bucks, but I'll split it with you, so the whole thing
would be $165 total, shipped.

I can send to PayPal money request to your email if you want it.



Same here. I don't believe how clean this thing is. Hard to believe it was ever on your truck.

Many thanks.