Name this car ( Nissan/Datsun )


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Shift_Avenger said:
balage said:
Shift_Avenger said:
Datsun B-210, 120Y, 140Y, Sunny
Production 1973-1983
I don't know these type numbers...specify?

half way down on the right
Aha! that's right!
this was my hit:

I think this is the point of the hunt. :smt002

On the pics is a datsun cherry coupé...with the biggest (most gross) C pillar of the word! :smt003


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aww c'mon man! you do not know what a k11 is? ofcourse you know what an r32, r33, r32, v35 or d21, d22 but not k11? the k11 was not sold in the US.....


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actually it looks like the march bolero but the bolero has different grill. it is the nissan verita but it is related to bolero and other march/micra inspired cars

K11 march/micra

this is bolero




very good though you know what a k11 is lol