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Shift_Avenger said:
72 Chevy Nova 4dr 350
Cool. Back in the day we used to call that a "sleeper." I see the heater hose is clipped--a common trick for us junior hot-rodders; Better get it fixed before winter!


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or a good trick for when the heater core of a rust bucket is leaking...... Always hard to say. I would not mind finding an old beater 72 and turning it into a proper sleeper though my own self.


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Here is the history from the guy I bough it from

I received this Chevy Nova last December from my Aunt's estate and received clear title recently. This vehicle was purchased new by my Aunt in 1972 from a Miami, FL Chevrolet dealer. She was the sole driver of this car for 40 years and kept it in perfect running order. She kept a box full of receipts of maintenance and repairs that had been done to the car over the years and I will list some of the relevant ones here.

1972 Chevrolet Nova Repairs
Mileage Repair

47571 Water pump replaced
58228 A/C evaporator core replaced
68271 Muffler, tail pipe, upper ball joints, tie rod ends replaced
95945 Alternator replaced
99240 Starter replaced
101671 Carburetor replaced
103025 Lower ball joints replaced
104506 Radiator replaced
106019 Pitman arm, Idler arm, 4 shocks, sway bar bushings replaced
110083 A/C compressor, dryer, expansion valve replaced
110123 Brakes relined, 4 wheel cylinders replaced
121615 Battery replaced
121635 Master cylinder replaced
121635 Fuel pump replaced

I installed a new battery, changed the oil and filter replaced the master cylinder, and the fuel pump and I have driven the car over 150 miles. The engine runs and sounds very good with no indication of oil usage. The transmission is quiet and the shifts are smooth and positive. I just don't need another car so will put it up for auction with a low starting price of $2000 there is no reserve so bid to own.

You will be hard pressed to find another in this condition. The car has always been in Florida and garaged in fact the battery box area is the only location that I could find any rust on the whole car. I removed the seats and the floor mats to confirm the floor pan is in good condition and as you can see from the pictures the trunk area is also rust free. The headliner, door panels, the seats and the dash are in near perfect condition. In her later years my Aunt had some problems getting in and out of her single car garage as the pictures show the resulting scraps and dents. The damage to the right front of the car was caused by a bush and lamp post that refused to yield to her path. She decided to stop driving after this incident at the age of 92. The drivers door arm rest has some tears and the air conditioning center vents are broken. I hooked up an external antenna to the radio and it does work but the original antenna in the windshield does not. The heater core had been disconnected at some time in the past probably because of a leak. The air conditioner does not work as it is not charged. The compressor does run quietly and it does suck a vacuum when I hooked my gauges to it. A recharge will probably be all that is needed there. As far as I know the system has not been changed over to R134. The exterior paint is in poor condition mainly from a very unprofessional paint job that was done years back. Also a power steering hose broke and caused a small fire in the engine compartment at some time and this blistered some of the paint on the hood.