My 'new' Hardbody!


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eglaisi said:
SAS upcoming. Hopefully next year.

Front Dana 44 high pinion out of a 77.5 F250, leaf sprung. Locked (probably e-locker), hi-steer
Rear Ford 9", locked, maybe disc brake conversion, leaf sprung

Unsure of gears, depends on tires

Tires: keep the 33"s or max go 35"s, we'll see once I get the axles underneath

Man this thing is never ending!
Nice ideas!:idea:


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Change of plans!

Dana 60/60 combo.

Already have the rear:

Just need to find a front.

Hopefully sticking with 35s, but we'll see... may have to go larger.


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Eric and I both have some explaining to do. :D I am hoping to get some action shots of mine this weekend. My guess is that Eric is being slowed by winter weather. We deserve an update, though.


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Slowed very much by the weather. Both axles were covered in snow for the past few months and I didnt feel like getting frostbite trying to dig them out.

Anyway, I found a front dana 60 and picked it up sometime in November.

So they sat for the worst part of winter waiting for warmer weather. This weather finally came a couple weeks ago:

Brought the rear axle down to my shop so I could start rebuilding it. Figured Id do one at a time... that way I wouldnt get mixed up. Did the rear first because its cheaper and easier.

So now Im just waiting for some parts. Probably have most of them by next weekend. Then I can piece it back together and bring the front one down.