My 'new' Hardbody!


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Thanks guys!

I always planned on using both sq and round tube..... just thought it would be more asthetic... I think I was right.

Built a bumper this week, tomorrow I'll burn that in and weld some hinges on the tailgate. Any ideas for latching? Thinking about paddle style slam latch(es?)


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Bumper's in. For good :D Tailgate is now hinged, but still no latches... it's bungee'd on for now. Exhaust was shortened up and tucked underneath the bumper, added a nice shiny tip onto it.

Yes, when I skin the bed, I plan on filling the gap between the TG and the bumper.

Next task is to skin the sides+front then I can get on building the fuel door cage


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Yup, 2 diagonal bars going from the top square tubing to the top of the rollbar.

Got some real trick goodies in the mail yesterday for the Buggy.... fuel door, lite bolts, tranny cooler, new steering wheel, 3rd brake light. Next week should be fun!


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Yay I have box sides again! 14ga HSS worked nicely.

Top filler plate isn't welded yet, doing that tomorrow morning when its less windy. After that comes the fuel door box. Should be interesting.

BTW, I took ownership of the new rig yesterday:

LOVING the color. "White Platinum" pearl metallic tri-coat. Looks incredible when sun hits it:



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So the filler plate is welded on. Figured out a couple good ideas for the fuel door cage thing. Couple better pics:



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Cut out the fender tops tonight... looks great. Just need to weld in some supports and I can bolt them on. That should be very easy... hopefully done by the weekend. Then I need to:

Add a floor
3rd brake light
Reverse/work lights (rollbar mounted)
Spare tire mount

Should be able to do all those things minus paint in the next few weeks. Cant believe the deck is almost done.....

Luckily I still have alot of things to keep me busy on the rest of the truck:

Front winch bumper
Door panels
Floor liner
Rad support
Skid plates
Front Fenders
Intake reroute

List goes on, thats off the top of my head.


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SAS upcoming. Hopefully next year.

Front Dana 44 high pinion out of a 77.5 F250, leaf sprung. Locked (probably e-locker), hi-steer
Rear Ford 9", locked, maybe disc brake conversion, leaf sprung

Unsure of gears, depends on tires

Tires: keep the 33"s or max go 35"s, we'll see once I get the axles underneath

Man this thing is never ending!