My 'new' Hardbody!


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You should find a specific spot and take a pic as you add things then you can do somthing like time lapsed photo.

Awesome project!!!!!!!!!!


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Sandiegan05fronty said:
Wow, That looks good!!!!
Thanks sandi!

Shift_Avenger said:
You should find a specific spot and take a pic as you add things then you can do somthing like time lapsed photo.

Awesome project!!!!!!!!!!
Good idea... I should strip it back down to nothing and take some pics :smt042

Would've been cool if I did though.


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Thanks Roy!

Stayed late tonight (15 hr day :rolleyes: ) and did some fab. Trimmed the fenders and outer apron so the tires don't rub now. Made the basic box frame for the bed, will finish welding it early tomorrow.


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Stayed late again, got som'ore work done:

Both bumpers back on (for now) and box is on and secured (for now). Leaving for the long weekend tomorrow night, should be good to go. Word is there's good wheelin up that ways.


Well, the lines are not flowing too well. Any solutions, or just not finished?

I thought you were going to do a utility bed?


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I am, but there wasn't enough time to do it properly in the amount of time I had, so we just threw the box on for this weekend. Lines don't match up because the box has a 3" BL while the cab has only a 2".

Res, there will be lots! :D


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Any body broaden? (or what the know what I want to write..or flare out know!):cheers:


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So basically it's in a pretty good spot right now.

All that's left is: (in order of importance)

-Fix idling problem, possibly MAF or TPS
-Rad hoses fixed (top one is semi crushed from body lift)
-Add inline aftermarket external tranny cooler and possibly an electric fan
-Add some guages. Tranny temp since I'll be doing some plumbing anyway), not sure what other ones
-Make a tailpipe with glasspack in it
-Gap guards
-Fab the bed
-Add on-board-air (gonna be sweet!)
-Customize the new fenders
-Replace rad support
-Fab a front bumper
-Buy a big winch
-Paint it!

I guess there actually is quite a bit to do still, once I see it all written down :dodgy:


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Well, I have to trim them so they don't rub on tires.

But I was also thinking about cutting and bending them at the back in a way where it would flare out away from the body and create some tire coverage. Right now if I left them, rock chips would kill my rockers/doors... not to mention the authorities wouldn't approve. Gotta do something...


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When I trimmed mine, I left enough to reflange the edges.

To reduce chips, I made deflectors out of a $1.69 plastic dish pan. They could stand to be bigger, but they deflect alot of the rocks. I need to redo them and make them about an inch or so lower. You can see them in these pics, although not very well.



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I really like those deflectors... I may have to steal that idea. May make them a little bigger though... since half my tire sticks out :p

Fender trim is exactly what I was planning. I hate leaving sharp edges. Especially where expensive rubber has even a remote possibility of hitting.


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They don't need to stick out too far, because anything that misses them also misses the paint. Mine need to be lower, because I still get pebbles that riccochet off the sliders.
If I make them too long, I am pretty sure they will get torn off or pinched against the sliders. I suppose I could use small-headed screws without washers so the flap could tear away rather than bend the fender edge. :-/

Anyway, it wouldn't be stealing since I didn't invent the mud flap.
All I did was come up with assorted color options with curled edges and custom fit. But wait! That's not all you get! Order in the next hour, and we will re-gloss the cut edges with a propane torch. That's right! You get all this for only $1.69 a pair !! (Canadians pay a little more.) Batteries not included. Not sold in stores. :p

I found small wash basins in white, black, red and blue. I bought all but the blue, then decided on the red. You might check out waste paper baskets and storage containers. Use the rounded edges to your advantage and it will look like a molded part. I passed a torch flame over the edges to get rid of the "white" cut edge. That little touch really sells it as being store-bought.


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I'll probably make mine out of old fender liners, since they're free! :D

Because, as you can tell, this build is all about the budget... :s ....


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Been a year since the last update, here goes:

Winter was non-progressive. Hard to work in snow. In storage it sat. Spring I went to school and got that all done, I'm now a certified journeyman bodyman :cool:

After school in May, I insured the beast and blew the cobwebs out in style:

After that was cleared up, back to work:

Exhaust was done by a local shop. Got him to make me a muffler back setup. They tucked it up nice and high so it wouldn't smack around. They mounted it great too! I can stand on it and it actually supports me.

Made some gap guards myself and installed them.

Replaced both calipers. Passenger side started seizing up in the above pics, as was drivers side last year. Figured I'd replace both. Painted them Cat yellow.

The carpet must have gotten wet in storage cause it was smelling kinda funky in there. I took out the carpet and left it out. Also I bent the transfer case shifter to allow me to go into low range. Works great now. Walked over this rock in D 4LO no throttle.

Tossed the box off and got started on the bed. Got the basic square frame done and then built the sliders.

Fabbed up an extension to go off the sliders to tie in the rollbar. Mounted the bender on the trucks frame. Believe it or not, there's 2 holes at the rear of the frame that are perfect spacing for the bender bolts:

Once the rollbar was built, I did the sides off that. Yes, the exhaust tip is a joke.... it's off the Titan. Looks good on his truck, but looks a little out of place on mine.... a little!

After the sides came the fender rails.

Then the tailgate

Now I have a smaller list of things to do:

Filler neck support
Tailgate bullet hinges
Skin the sides/bulkhead
Plate the fender tops
Add toolbox
Modify and install new fenders
Tranny cooler
Paint truck
Lot's of misc things

Gettin there.