My Funday Sunday times!!


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This was back at the beginning of the year just after i acquired my beast. Well lets just say i never did this before and had a need for speed. Here's my times...

Well before i do any suspension mods or performance mods. I wanted to get a baseline for my 0-60 times. So today me and about five other titans meet up in Orlando and decided to have way...

Here's my times....

16.1 at 91.13mph

15.75 at 90.03

15.64 at 91.35

15.43 at 92.24

15.19 at 92.49

My best time was 15.1 at 92mph with an reaction time of .626...
My best reaction time was at .054 at 15.75

All this completely stock except for a 2* timing advance.
More times to come before i bag the beast ;)