Mothers Claybar System


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eglaisi said:
BlackTigerSE said:
No what i meant to say is...the claybar replaces your use of wax? Claybar= no need for wax...question is whats the polish for? extra shine?
Polish is actually an abrasive believe it or not. If you run some between your fingers, you can feel its not smooth. Polish is meant for taking things out like small scratches, some contaminants, basically anything that isn't supposed to be there.

Wax is a sealer. You always use it after polish since the polish makes a clean slate. A good waxing will go a very long way, prevent corrosion, makes washing easier and many more benefits. If claybar replaces anything, it would be the polish. If you want to be really through, I would claybar first to get the larger things, a good quality polish (I use it on a pneumatic polisher, way faster and easier) then buff it out with a microfiber towel. You can use swirl remover if you see the swirl marks. After that use a name brand wax (I seem to be liking Meguiars gold class lately) and you've done alot to prevent corrosion.
OH WOW, elgasi, you out did yourself with this. Thanks!! I now know what im dealing with here. I can see the light!!! its clear blue skies from here on out...hmmm since i already bought a bottle of polish..theirs no point in spending anther $20.00 for a bar of good and thanks ago for explaining my question! happy shining!


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You are welcome sir. I have storm gray so there's not much shine to it. Your black truck is going to love you though. :smt023 I gotta wash my truck since I get my license back in 2 days. :smt041


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I have been using clay on my vehicles for about 20 years now. A friend used to own a detail shop and turned me onto it. If you want to know if your truck needs to be clayed, take a plastic bag and put your hand inside of it like a glove, and run your hand across the paint. If it feels rough, that is paint contaminants, and that is what clay removes. making your paint smooth, and ready for wax. The contaminants are usually fall out from nearby industries, business's, and things of that nature. The tiny particle stick to the moisture on the paints surface, and then start to , microscopically, damage the paint. claying 2 times a year(more if you live close to industrial areas) will keep you paint fresh, and smooth. Wax it 4-6 time a year(or more).


I used to wax all my vehicles at least twice a year. I was getting ready to wax my truck early 2011 and bought a clay bar kit to use first. Then my son pointed out the paint flaking off my truck out of the roof ditch. Didn't wax it figuring Nissan would fix the paint. However, Nissan said they did not see any issues with my paint, so here I am with even less paint that before and haven't waxed since. Local quotes ranged from $2500-$5000 to have it repainted. Haven't hardly even washed it anymore. I'm scared the rest of the paint will flake off.