MK4 GTI and E36 M3


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dont know if its worth opening a new thread, but i came across one of those annoying kids revving like theyre the shait sporting nothing but a 20 dollar trumpet muffler. so i pulled in front of him took the next turn and hit the onramp hard. as soon as he saw my tail hang out he too floored it. so i take a look in my rearview mirror to see how hes making out, and i witness the worst understeer in history, his front tires were smoking worse than a diesel truck at full throttle, instead of taking the turn, he was going diagonally heading straight for the guard rail. good thing he hit the brakes just in time. what a baboon.

a few hours later i come across an e36 coupe at a stoplight. i rev up a bit, and he doesnt answer. so not certain if he was up for a run, i take off slowly just like in daily driving, but keep it in first a bit longer just in case. at 3k we were side by side so i kept it floored and so did he. throughout first and second he slowly but surely pulled away. by 60 he was half a car ahead....then i gave up


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must have been an m3.... it might have been a different turn out if both of you guys floored it from stop....