mdawg4x4's 06 NISMO CC Frontier


When new and 1st mods:
Hood deflector, vent visors, and WetherTech floor liners

New sound system:
Alpine 9857 HU, Type-R components in front and Type-R 3-way in the rear

6 3/4" in a 6X9 opening using homemade 1/4" luan adapters sprayed with aerosol bedliner

Tweeters in the dash, rotated toward the occupants

Sorry, no pics of the rear 6 3/4" Type-Rs :s


RE: mdawg4x4's 05 NISMO CC Frontier

Added CB radio, tool box fastened to the utilitrac system, and a tribute to my alma mater in the rear window

NISMO decal swap from this:

To this:

(looks uneven, but it's just the angle of the pic, cause it doesn't look like that in person)


RE: mdawg4x4's 05 NISMO CC Frontier

2 1/2" lift front, 1.5" lift rear

Thanks to Ben W. and my son Josh for the installation.

New BFG Ats 285/75-16 (~33X11ish)

Before lift

After lift and tires (water level is a bit higher as well)


RE: mdawg4x4's 05 NISMO CC Frontier

KC 2X6 fog lights

Incidental contact with a sign in the road at the drive through drop-off at Baptist Hospital

The fix:
Bed repaint - $900

Or, sand down, remove rust, coat with self etching primer and spray on bed liner, and cover up with Bushwacker Pocket Flares - ~$500

Which one will I choose???????????

Bought Ben W's WRF light bar, modified it to mount my KC fog lights as well as a new set of long range KC Slim Lights



RE: mdawg4x4's 05 NISMO CC Frontier

NISMO CAI w/K&N filter cover

Just notice in the 2 pics above, I forgot the NISMO radiator caps; 1 on the radiator with the pressure seal removed, and one on the overflow tank, and a NISMO oil cap.

Future plans (far future):
XD Addicts in black and mud tires
Custom dual exhaust (most likely Flowmaster)
Katskinz leather seats
Sub and amp (have both;RF 10" shallow P3 and MTX Jackhammer amp, just haven't built a custom box)

Gray Ghost 2.5 SL

RE: mdawg4x4's 05 NISMO CC Frontier

Good looking truck, nice touches everything seems to complement each other.


RE: mdawg4x4's 05 NISMO CC Frontier

Shift_Avenger said:
Very nice!! How does the filter cover work,, it is the first time I see it
It is just a real thin material with elastic on the ends to hold them closed

balage said:
Nice thread, nice truck Mike!
Bilstein was stock in the front?
Yes, and rear. This lift came with Rancho shacks. Got it cheap. There wasn't much choice for lift when I bought mine. Bilstein now offers an adjustable 5100 series. I want to swap to them some time next year.

La Queen

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RE: mdawg4x4's 05 NISMO CC Frontier

Way nicer then mine! I was quoted ~$700 for the dent repair on my rear fender and I've pondered Bushwaker flares. I just noticed the mudflap hide underneath them, very nice. How are the feel on the Rancho shocks?


New amp for my front and rear speakers. Just have to find time to install it!
Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4.