Lifts and ride?


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So when it was stock it rode good, just a little squirly, added some bumpers, sliders and Radflo's, rode like a Lincoln Town Car, but rear a little bouncy. When the Radflo's were added the truck was close to level, they lifted the front slightly and I left them that height. Last week I added 1" blocks to rear suspension and It seems to ride better, especialy on rough dirt washboards and such. Is it me just thinking the ride improved because of the lift or did the lift sift the weight a little and improve the ride?



Same original shocks in the rear?
I'm not sure how the blocks would change the rear, CG move possibly?


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I personally don't like blocks or extended shackles. A lot of people swear by them and that's cool but my reasoning is that the blocks add extension to the torquing of the axle. In other words, something like a cheater bar on a wrench when torquing a bolt. Simular with the shackles both cause premature spring fatigue. The question is, Will the fatigue on the springs warrant consideration or will it be too insignificant to worry about? I usually prefer AAL's because I haul and tow a lot with mine and drive dirt roads daily.