Labor Day Weekend Ride in Res' Back Yard


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Jungle Flats. Did you recognize it today? It was probably beaten down by the time you got there.

It is a freaky trail. I aim by memory. There is some ugly stuff (logs and such) hiding in the places that I DIDN'T go. :smt003



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Are you guys getting all the high winds and rain? I just saw the Gov. of MS speaking on the news. :smt017 He talks funny.... :smt043 :smt044


balage said:
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Sandi said:
:smt041 He made it through the 2nd time. GREAT video! :smt041
He probably would have made it the 1st time had he used a little more skinny pedal.
First I thought it's your video but it's from another truck?
Yes, It was one of my friends in his Jeep pulling out Reserector. I was last. I always follow up and make sure everybody gets out so we can stay together.


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Mdawg is affectionately known as "Tailgunner" on MS-mud because he is excellent at keeping the herd together and comunicating with the lead truck. It is a position of great responsibility. :smt023

Being the last guy, he has to be able to make it through after everyone else has made the ruts deeper. :smt003


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The spiders they were discussing are bananna spiders, which are common in the low areas of the forest in late summer. Here is a picture to show what they look like. With their legs stretched out, they can span a coffee cup lid.