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The progressing movement of the Queen Cab.

Purchased Valentine's Day '09:heart:

Welcome to our home:

You really think that chain link is going to hold him back? Okay back to the truck![hr]
When I first received my truck, previous owner was a serious grease monkey. Unbelievable bad shape interior. That was actually going to be my first modification, strip the entire interior for the dark gray interior using Pathfinder/Frontier parts. Once I started scrubbing away at my vehicle, all it needed was a little TLC. There were oil, grease, nasty black gunk spots and if you've seen my truck since it's been in my possession, you'll think I rolled it off the lot. Brand spanking new! :D Nothing like a little elbow grease!

Off to Ocotillo Wells to see how he handles.. and this became the first official modification:

Bought the aftermarket slider by C.R. Lawrence:


Had the C.R. Lawrence slider on the truck for about 3 - 4 days. This is just my experience with it. It looked pretty good except for the sharp lower corners. It sticks out about 3/4" from the cab body. The slider is larger and easier to handle then OEM. It wasn't properly installed, it had leaks, and traveling on the expressways, even with the slider open the glass was vibrating. I figured that was due to the weight of the glass being heavier vs OEM slider, plus it was installed incorrectly. I had it "fixed" the second day it was on the truck, things just became worse, returned it to the glass shop I received it from. Now I sport a sleek flat glass instead.

Due to that same Ocotillo Wells trip, I had to replace about 60% of my rear suspension. Oops... :rolleyes: Including two OEM wheels!

Later down the road, my carrier bearing shot:

Here's the video:

New carrier bearing to the rescue:

Trying to get this fixed through the local dealer was out of my budget. I was looking at a $600-800 "starting" estimate. Took some time and patience, but I ended up replacing the carrier bearing vs modifying it to a single one piece driveshaft/propeller shaft for under $250. Part purchased from Excellent customer service![hr]
Added a black billet grille:

On my third set of tires at stock height:

PRG Mini-lift (2" Spacers) + Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs + Flowmaster Super 44Series :D

Wanted to keep it level, decided not to install the rear blocks.

BEFORE: Stock bulbs:

AFTER: 6000K HIDs:

New tires and a new dent! :-/:

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TomTom 740 LIVE GPS & Mexican tour guide: She's camera shy lol.

Now on to the fun stuff :D:

Other stuff in construction currently: Fog lamp housings and bed extender.

That's it for now! :p

Gray Ghost 2.5 SL

Good pictures easy to follow your steps toward your gold. Good luck, keep us informed as to the next steps.

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Saw this one morning, looks fine but it read 5psi. I thought my gauge was broken but when I filled it up with a bit and read it again, it gave me 15psi. Sidewalls are pretty stiff but they've done great so far. My last set of A/Ts were a little loud on the road, but these M/T hybrids are very quiet. This is my first try at keeping all five with nitrogen only. We'll see how well that goes in the desert. Wheel looks weird, that's just a shadow.

Last time I had my previous A/T's during rain they felt sticky. Really got a good grip on the road, couldn't go too fast, felt like I was forcing it. One day coming back from school my neighbor pointed at my truck and this is the damage they did. I could cruise with the windows down and not get splashed much, rocks is another story.

Now, with the Duratracs, they're a little more dangerous in the sense that I cannot see ANYTHING out my side windows when raining. I'm guessing the tread pattern is at fault. Lol Haven't gotten stuck in sand yet, handle really nicely in mud. Soon enough I'll have my try at them in snow. I'm at over 5000K with them now and they're still prickly. :p I've crossed a creek, gone through mud, rain, gravel, desert, dune sand,.. just waiting on that snow!

I can't give a really good review on tires though, I'm still new to all this, I've always ran street tires on my past Nissans and the other trucks as well. G/Y Eagle's are the worst in rain in my opinion though! Lol

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Thanks everyone! :D Super happy it was confused for a Titan again today! :p Haha. Okay.. from behind someone said "That's a nice Titan!" haha..

More pieces for the Titan suspension swap will be coming in soon. This and next week will be focused on front brakes upgrade and possibly replacing the entire brake master cylinder assembly.


My son wants me to do the 4X4 Titan swap on my truck, but I am not sure I want to modify that much. I'll be interested in what you do for your brakes and how well it works. I have a friend that swapped a Titan master cylinder in place of his Frontier master cylinder. It didn't work, so he put the stock master cylinder.

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^I've been reading about that swap, hoping someone has accomplished it. Looks like I'll just have to stay with the stock Frontier assembly for now. First I'll figure where to go about brakes and hoping that's just it and/or replacing the assembly as well. Not too sure about this truck anymore, can't obtain any more parts for the swap and lift, if I can't get the truck to stop when I need it to.