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From this catalog on page 5, it shows that Koyo makes at least one drop in replacement radiator for the 05+ Frontier/Pathfinder/Xterras. From reading Koyo claims improved cooling capacity which would be great for towing, but as they make several types I was wondering if any know which of the rads would be best for this, ie: copper core, aluminum, etc. Thanks.




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With radiators, size is what matters and with aluminum you can also save in weight. PM Brutal he is the man when it comes to performance parts! Have you thought of electric fans?


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Here you go...

2WD_NISMO said:
Just got done doing the e-fan mod. Bought it along with an adjustable thermostat for $92 from eBay. It's a 16" and that just barely fits, but it's a 2750 CFM which is plenty. Also, this requires ditching the shroud (and as a side benefit you can reach down and change the oil filter from the top!). It can be done with the shroud, but you'll have to suspend it (the fan).
Remove the fan clutch (4 10mm bolts), the 2 top shroud bolts, unplug the auxillary A/C fan, unhook the trans cooler lines (from the shroud), unhook the oveflow and top radiator hoses and I probably forgot something else. Anyway, slowly "work" the shround and fan out as one unit (it's a hell of a balancing act to not drop the fan into the radiator). The bottom half of the shroud is a bear to unhook from their mounting points, so go slowly or do it the correct way and unhook it from the bottom....
I made a stud to grab the bottom of the new fan from one of the mounting points. It'll just rest there (not bolted to the fan).

Mount to the side of the radiator by drilling a bolt into it (use caution to not hit the radiator itself!!). (Bolt is in the middle of the pic.)

Place the thermostat in the upper hose and use silicone to seal the junction (there are different styles of thermosts; some are placed externally like on the radiator fins, others are tapped into an inlet somewhere).

The finished product! Also shows the bracket and the top mount for the shroud bolt that I was able to reuse.

I've only driven it a couple of miles. It does seem to rev nicely, but nothing hellacious. I have to fiddle with the thermostat to dial it down so that it turns on at the right time, so that may help as it won't run as often.


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usmcracing said:
Okay I'm new to Nissan's but I'm not new to trying to get all the extra power from a engine. I've owned a few Mustangs in the past and modded them up for better track times. I'm been around offroad for a while, mainly with Toyota but mostly they're all the same. The electric fan will give you FREE hp and allow your engine to rev up faster because the engine doesn't have to sping that big heavy clutch fan inorder to suck air to cool you rad. There is a Frontier owner here that has already done a electric fan mod on his Frontier but he used a Flex A Lite black magic fan which is a very good fan but cost $$$. The cheap mod I'm going to tell you about is common with the Mustang and 4wd guys because they can be gotten very cheap from U-Pull It junk yards and because they flow a lot more air then the Flex A Lite, the Flex A Lite flows around 3300 cfms and the Lincoln Mark VIII electric fan flows around 5000 cfms. Below you'll find a link to a full write up on installing a Mark VIII fan on a Mustang but it isn't that hard to make it work on any vehicle you'd like to install it on.

Another fan to look for is a Ford Turaus with the 3.8L V6 earlier to mid 90s models had the 3.8L. The 3.8L Turaus has a 2 speed electric fan that flows alot of air. I have one on my 91 4Runner and it works great, cheap (I paid $14.27), and easy to install. I used a dremel tool to cut the Ford shroud to fit my 4Runner. Wiring was easy but you'll need a high amp relay for the high speed.

The Mark VII and the Turaus fan will draw around 80 to 100 amps for a few seconds at start up and you'll need a high amp relay. The part #s for the relays are in teh links below.

Both of these electric fans are cheap mods that can be done for under $100 if you find the fan from a U Pull it Junk yard. When I get around to modding my Frontier I'm going to use the Mark VIII cause it flows more air and is easier to install then the Turaus fan since it only two wires (Pos and Neg) where the Turaus has three (Low/High/Neg). The Turaus fan will be easier to find since Ford more of them then Lincoln made Mark VIIIs.

A few links to write ups on installs,



http://www.geocities.com/smithmonte/Aut ... II_Fan.htm

http://www.dfwstangs.net/tech/markviii_ ... kviii.html

There are more sites cover the Mark VIII mod just search Mark VIII fan do your homework if you're going to try and save some CASH with this cheap and easy electric mod.

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Koyo is a good radiator. One of the Titan guys on the other spot put one in his Titan and has nothing but good to say about it. Stillen is close to offering an aluminum radiator for the Titan and should run around $400. Hope mine holds out til then.


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Not having the idea behind that so as i am looking for. But its been good experience to learn something new.


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Since were talking about radiators and i just got a coolant flush, i was wondering, how much coolant is required for our system using 50/50? The guy only used 1 gallon of 50/50 for my coolant flush? Did he not do it right?