Howdy from NW Houston


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Hello from soggy Texas.

Been reading the forums and decided to do a couple of mods.  I drive a 2012, 4wd and I think a 2.5" lift/level will be my gateway drug.  

I do need some advice.  A place close by quoted me $750 for parts, install, and alignment -- basically cam bolts, strut spacers, and the rear is a new shackle.

Seems high but I'm new and don't have a point of reference.  Is it a little high or am I getting robbed.  I'm shopping around but the convenience of this place can't be beat and they do good work.

And I don't have the tools, experience, or time to do it myself.

Happy to be here!


What brand parts are they using.  Here are a couple options. I have used products from both and recommend either.,51

As far as installation, it is not complicated. 
I cannot say about installation price quoted to you, but front end alignment will run $75to+$100 depending on who is doing it.
My son and one of his friends installed my lift (not spacers) in an afternoon.
He also installed my daughter's spacers on her Xterra.


PRG's radflo/Bilstein suspensions are supposed to be some of the best suspension parts for the frontier.