How to make a bracket for a Nissan 7 pin tow harness


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Hey all.
I was mis informed and did not buy the factory tow package because I thought the bed extender wouldn't work with the bakflip cover I wanted. So now, I have already bought a Curt hitch and the Nissan tow harness and lo and behold, when I read the directions, I find out that the factory hitch comes with a bracket. So, here is how to fabricate a ghetto bracket if you have an aftermarket hitch and don't have any cool metal working tools. I did all of this with stuff I had in my garage. My total time was about 2 hours. Here we go:

1 4"X6" piece of sheet metal
1 bench vice
1 pair of tin snips
1rubber mallet
1 dremel with a grinding stone or sanding drum
1 drill
1 set of drill bits
1 2" hole saw
1 marking pencil/sharpie
1 ruler
1 toggle bolt (sorry, don't know what size it was)
1 can of spray paint if desired

NOTE: I used a pre-existing hole in the truck bumper and no drilling on your truck is req.

1. Find a sheet of metal, preferably aluminum since it is easy to bend. I started with a piece six inches by four inches. I drew a line down the center from top to bottom and drew a two inch wide circle centered two inches from the bottom edge.


2. Use a hole saw to cut out the hole.


3. Draw two lines along either side of the new hole down to the bottom of the bracket (the side that the hole is closest to) and cut with the tin snips.


Once the hole is cut out, you can place the connector in the hole and draw the marks for the mounting holes. These marks will be used to drill the holes for the mount bolts. (see pic)

4. Drill the mount holes and then draw a line accross the bracket to mark where it will be bent for attachment to the bumper. I made my mark two inches down from the long end of the bracket. Once your line is in place, put it in a vice and beat it with a rubber mallet to make a 90 degree angle.


5. Next, mark and drill the hole for the mount bolt. Due to the nature of the bumper the easiest way for me to do this was with a toggle bolt. The hole I used was large enough to fit it through and the hole passes through the top and bottom of the bumper, so clearance isn't an issue. This hole is a rather large oval to the left of the hitch as you look at it.


At this point, I used my vice to bend over the bottom of the bracket on each side of the connector so the bracket didn't stick down so far, but that is personal prefference. You could also just cut it shorter. I bent it so there wouldn't be a sharp edge on the bottom.

6. Paint the bracket. This next pic is how mine looked ready to install. Of course, you have to remove the toggle bolt first. Also, I learned the hard way that the wiring harness is too short to install the bracket the way I had intended, so I had to reverse it so that it was positioned more toward the front of the truck. In this case, you should bent the bottom tabs the opposite of the way I did for a cleaner look.


7. Install the bracket. If you have never used a toggle bolt before, you insert the toggles into the hole so that the screw head is down. Then just turn the screw until it is is tight.


8. Install the harness. I won't get into detail about this, since the instructions are available on Nissan's site for their harness. Here are two finished pics.





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mdawg4x4 said:
What he said.
I thought about that, but I didn''t want to put any holes in the truck until the warranty expires. I don't want to get any rust on the bumper and them not replace it because I altered it. I may re-do it in a few years.


Makes sense. As long as you don't go through any low places off road, yours will stay with you and not get left behind.