Grill Options 2005+ Frontier


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If you have any of these parts or others please post pics and a review.

When ordering a bottom piece make sure to measure the SE model will measure across the bottom, 38 3/4" wide and the LE model will measure across the bottom, 37 3/4" wide.

I will try to put together a list of all grills available. If you have one and would like to write a review please added to this thread.

Grill Craft MX (Available in Black and Chrome)
GrillCraft MX-Series Grilles are made from our exclusive steel mesh pattern design along with our micro-frame design. All MX-Series grilles are zinc plated then finished with a 3Stage baked on powder coating in either Aluminum Silver (Shines like polished aluminum in sun light) or Gloss Black finish.

Grill Craft BG
GrillCraft BG-Series Billet Grilles are made from 6061 T6 Aluminum. All BG-Series grilles have a high-luster polished front face with a black baked on powder coating finish back ground. Our BG-Series Billet Grilles in most applications are available in a cut out style install or in easy to install Bolt/Over style with or without logo opening.
**pic needed**

Street Scene Speed Grill
Mesh Grill Upper only. Available in Brushed Aluminum and Chrome
Speed Grilles have a very unique, patented design featuring a diamond-shaped hole pattern and are available in a standard anodized 5052-grade aluminum satin, chrome, or our newest addition Black Chrome finish.
Installation instructions

T-Rex Billet Grille Overlay / Bolt On

T-Rex Billet Grille Insert

Precision Design EZbillet Grilles
Made to the same high standard as their Classic Billet Grille line, these grilles install with little or no drilling or cutting. This has created an entirely new market for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast. What makes this line stand out, is the flexibility for the installer to choose how the final installation looks.

Precision Design Vertical Billet Grilles
Precision Classic Billet Grille line has established us as one of the finest grille companies around; we have taken that one step further and added Vertical Billet to our line up.

K2 Motor - Ebay
Black and chrome

Mesh Grill - Ebay


My pick, but I think I want to powder coat it black.

I also like the "Towel Rack" as nismogone puts it. The prerunner bar on the front. Anyone knows who makes it.


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ElblueCrew Custom grill

I ordered a set from him, powder coated black. I will post pics once it is installed ($150 shipped upper and lower!).

Here are pics of it in his truck just spray painted.



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Spider web from

14guage steel with triple chrome plating finish (laser cut). Feels very high quality with no defects. Studs are flawlessly welded on, no burn marks or anything. Comes with Nylock nuts so they wont vibrate off. Insert fits over existing honeycomb grille perfectly flush. Great product, really good guy to deal with as well. Grille was $180 shipped to Washington. Would not regret buying any of his products. He also sells grilles through eBay, seller name is dmoore2001



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based on gap from looking at the pics...looks like stillen is the best fit.
I was hoing to find a replacement grill that didnt bolt in becuase I bought a stock grill and trim for a project, so i could remove all the mesh and not have to worry bout screwing something up.


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Thanks for tagging the links. I'd done that but since the pics didn't show up full-size, I backed out to just the links.

Added comments.

1. The Street Scene mesh grille connects with zip ties to the factory honeycomb grille. It doesn not move but it also feels like it could be more secure. The fitament is good, but it's not a grille you want to put on a painted grille surround. The edges are very rough and will easily scratch the paint, and I'm not sure that over time the edges wouldn't wear out the chrome coating. Also, the mesh had kind of a 3D effect and bulges outward.

2. The Grillcraft grille just simple feels like a better part. The grille has a little big of weight to it that makes it feel secure. It mounts 10x's better with clips and screws, and it sits snugly against the factory honeycomb. With the powdercoated black, like I have, and maybe with the silver too, you will definitely want to trim out the center factory honeycomb grille. This grille sitting flush over the factory pieces makes the burger emblem base and honeycomb pattern very very noticeble.