Ft. Hood, Texas


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Looks like it's already been predicted. Video was uploaded in April. The video says 40 people die on american soil. Really starting to think the Webbot is real.

On topic: I think it was a criminal act. The guy was a psychiatrist that heard probably thousands of horror war stories and probably felt like he's been there already and didn't want to go back. Guess he just blew up inside rather than in iraq.

Oh, and the video i posted, i thought it was BS until i remembered that there was the Penn State warfare with law enforcement students/protestors that happened last month?


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I don't think I can go along with the video. Although I think they are right in some areas I don't think I can accept all of it. They never name the powers that be.

As far as Ft Hood is concerned I feel like it was definitely a terrorist act. When you contact Al Qaeda and you yell a jihad battle cry just be fore you cut loose then I don't think it leaves any doubt as to what your motivation is. The sad thing is that we have become so politically correct that we would rather put our troops at risk rather than tell the truth about Muslim terrorists.


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this isn't new under the sun.
In Sweden or Belgium -both country are the typical instance of the calm, the safety, tolerance, social welfare.
And in every 3-4 years somebody, a teenager in the school, a emloyee in work, so somebody take a gun and shoot.
Without foreboding.
The human is a strange animal in the nature.
In too much people are too big pain, pique, disgrace on the grounds of other people's cruelty. (cruelty against the body or the soul)
And the stress is detonating.
if somebody notice in time than good, if nobody..than bad.
Terrorism? same story^^^, just called other.

I hope I wrote clear.


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I think that you feel this was not an act of terrorism, but rather that of a frustrated person. I might agree with you except for the Muslim ties this guy had and the Muslim battle cry he shouted out as he started his vile act. If this was not a politically correct world he probably would have been exposed for what he is before he killed our heroic defenders.

I for one shall not give him a pass on this horrible thing he has done. I only hope that the far left loons in Washington don't get this tried as a civil crime and not the act of war that it is. I fear that if this is not handled correctly it will be done again and again. Our troops do not deserve that.