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I haven't raced yet either.... :smt022 Soon I would like to dyno my truck and run a few times out at Sac Raceway. :smt023
The new throttle body spacer from WRP really gave her some grunt down low.....uh can I saw that on here? :smt047 :smt046


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Thanks guys for the warm welcome..
The truck is very new and only has a few mods... Volant CAI, 2 degree advance, bypassed the colant lines to the throttle body and removed the grill behind the throttle body..
I plan on making an exhaust system eventually but gotta spend the cash on some other vehicles..



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lol anyway i can get one of those stickers haha i would race it but not to many strips here in kuwait lol it wont be another 5 months until i get home and can run my truck


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An old topic, but I see some recent activity! Here are a couple of mine.
All done at the San Antonio Raceway in Marion, Tx.

The slip on the left was my best ET with my Pathy being totally stock... 15.31 @ 89.20
The one on the right is a little hard to read but it is my best time so far, with the K&N FIPK kit installed... 15.28 @ 89.52

I just got my cat back custom exhaust done with a Magnaflow muffler and havent made it out to the drag strip yet.


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I went to the strip last Friday night. I couldnt wait to get out there with my newly installed Magnaflow muffler with custom Cat back exhaust...

On a 15 degree warmer night than my previous best, I still gained 2 tenths in the 1/4. My best time Friday was a [email protected] 89.36mph. Not as fast as most of yalls Frontiers, but good for me. I imagine the Pathy is a bit heavier than the truck. Besides the fact that I am a BIG driver. Put a normal size person in mine and it would get into the 14's easily.